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The Blooming Boots!

While we all love the blooms that come with spring flowers, there has been some less-lovely blooming happening this season—and we want to fill you in.
What is “blooming” and why does it happen?
  • In the world of boots, blooming refers to the white, powdery marks that occasionally appear on rubber boots. Blooming naturally occurs when insoluble particles rise to the surface of your boots, causing a powdery effect. The marks are completely normal and appear in many high-quality rubber products.

Can it be fixed? If you don’t like the blooming effect on your boots, there is a simple and easy method to restoring your boots to their high shine.
  1. Apply olive oil liberally to the cloudy or dull surface of the boot.
  2. Clean off your boots, and wipe off the excess oil.
  3. Let your boots sit for 15 minutes.
  4. Buff with buffing cloth to a high shine. We have created conditioning kits that will include a vial of olive oil, an applicator, a clean soft cloth, and directions on how to use the kit periodically.
We will send kits out with every pair of women’s boots that are ordered starting now.

Will this issue go away? Does it happen with every pair?
  • If the area loses the high shine after several days, simply buff again with the soft cloth. That’s it! Furthermore, this does not happen with every single pair of boots. It has happened to a small percentage and if it does, it’s generally only one boot a pair. This process occurs in certain conditions; hot and humid weather is commonly the cause for the release of this white film.

Will you provide replacements or accept returns?
  • The original finish and shine is easily restored with regular use of our conditioning technique. This method does not affect the performance or durability of the boots. Therefore, we will not replace any pairs that experience the blooming effect. Simply follow the directions precisely, and you will be happy with the results! Proper care is important while owning a pair of Zoubaby boots. Be cautious when cleaning, any added oils or polish that gets on the soles of the shoes can increase risk for slipping.
What is Zoubaby’s Return Policy?
  • Zoubaby does not have a set return policy due to the personalization of each product, however, mistakes can happen. We do understand that each customer’s situation is different and we are willing to work with you if you have a problem with your Zoubaby purchase. Zoubaby stands behind everything we sell.
Terms & Conditions
  • If ordered with incorrect information, you can return the item for a replacement within 90 days of purchase. Replacement fees and shipping will apply. If your item has a manufacturing defect in its workmanship or materials, you can return for a replacement within 90 days of purchase. Zoubaby’s guarantee does not cover damage or ordinary wear and tear caused by improper use or accidents. Items that are not in the condition in which they were received cannot be returned. Returns If you return or exchange a product by mail, we recommend that you ship your package with a carrier that can provide tracking information. Zoubaby is not responsible for lost packages in transit without proof of tracking.
Our Address For Returns
  • Zoubaby
    422 Wards Corner
    Suite E
    Loveland OH 45140
Please understand that these terms and conditions may be modified for each individual situation. Customer gratification is very important to us and we want you to be satisfied with your product.

As always, please email us at or call your customer service representative, Krista, at 859-982-2634. We genuinely appreciate your trust and affiliation with Zoubaby. We look forward to serving you and your customers with the best quality of rain gear and custom products!